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When Component Products, Inc. manufactures machined parts for our customers, we want to deliver more than just a product at the right price, within a specified amount of time. Our team asks questions concerning fit, function and packaging. We build our customer a better product. It is this very attitude that has "opened the door" for us with many Plant Managers, Purchasing Agents, Engineers, Research and Development Officials, and Production Personnel. These relationships, built on a common goal - making the best possible product for you, have helped solve problems such as the following:

  • A Refrigeration company Vice President contacted us regarding severe problems encountered while welding their fittings onto tanks. They were averaging 15-20% rejects. We worked closely with them to develop Tangential Fittings. Tangential Fittings are now produced for them to fit the exact size of the pipe, to which they are welded. Previously the fittings were miter cut, which left areas the weld would not completely fill. Not only does the Tangential Fitting look better, but our customer has recieved a significant savings by eliminating duplicate fittings, cutting, re-welding, and re-testing costs. All of this equates to a better product with substantial cost savings. Today, their rejects are less than 1%.
  • We worked very closely with an Engineer in Research and Development for our customer in the Water Treatment Industry to develop a new product. This product is a housing for filtration which they previously could not produce econonmically. Consequently, they were losing market share to their competitors. After experimenting with different types of material and various ways to seal this material, we developed a product that won immediate acceptance. This product has allowed them to regain their market share.
  • One of our customers, for whom we were manufacturing tubes and fittings, rewarded us for our history of zero defects for two years running. They rewarded us with the machining of a large quantity of parts that they pulled from another vendor due to the other vendor's inability to meet their quality standards. With these new parts as well, we are exceeding their requirements. We continue to quote on and secure new parts, furthering our penetration with this company due to our superior quality and on-time deliveries.
  • We pride ourselves on our material expertise. As such, one of our customers was having difficulty locating special alloy material. Because of our vast knowledge of material sources, we were able to locate exactly what was needed at a competitive price.



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