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Painted Poles and Bases had been the preferred coating for many years, but as maintenance costs increased, the need for maintenance-free products became a must! In the late 80's, CPI worked very closely with IDOT Officials at District 1 on prototype samples of Galvanized Poles and Bases. Once the benefits were shown, the finish specifications were changed. CPI's next undertaking was to convince the counties, municipalities and villages about the benefits of galvanized products. This was accomplished, and Galvanized Poles and Bases are now the standard when Steel Poles are specified.

An additional problem concerning finishes arose, and CPI was again consulted. In this situation, Painted and Powder Coated Poles and Bases were required, but due to the high concentration of de-icing salt used, these products could not stand the test of time. After researching the problem, CPI came up with a solution: CPI Plasticoat. This is a heat applied coating which can withstand extreme conditions, offering excellent protection from sunlight, salt and temperature. Not only did we solve our customer's problem, we have also helped many others: this coating has been used on equipment along highways and bridges in inter-coastal waterways and ocean front areas.




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